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Career Pribyslav ACO

Help our colleagues from ACO Ukraine

ACO. a strong family you can build on

The statement that accompanies us all from joining the ACO. Now is the time to unite and, as a family, help colleagues and their families who have decided to leave Ukraine. We are in daily contact with the production plant in ACO Kulykiv and with sales organization in Kiev. In case that some colleagues or their family members decide to leave Ukraine, we want to provide accommodation and ideally a job in the first place.

The accommodation in Přibyslav is limited, so please - if you have free accommodation capacity anywhere, offer it here. Our assistance is focusing on ACO employees and their families. We are ready to transport colleagues anywhere abroad, so we encourage everyone in our large ACO family to get involved.

In the event that we fail to find accommodation options among us, we will contact non-profit organizations and look for accommodation options through them.

Consider your options when offering accommodation. At the moment, no one knows how long the conflict will last and how long our colleagues will need help for. Please note that our colleagues can be completely without resources, and in addition to accommodation, they will also need food and other common things - in such cases we will try to help you as much as possible through the collection.

Other ways to help:

Translation and Administrative help

We want to organize a network of volunteers who can support our colleagues and their families with translations, school organization and any other coordination of local formalities.

For more information regarding translation and bureaucracy please contact:

Financial support

People who decide to leave will need our - especially financial - support even at the place of asylum. The fund to support ACO employees and their families on the run is being curretly founded (we are preparing a transparent account).

Material collection

We are not organizing a material collection at this time. However, we are ready to organize it immediately in case we need to provide food, clothing, household equipment, toys, etc. for any colleagues and their families who decide to come. We will do the same in case we get any direct request from Ukraine. Please follow the information here and at

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