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Career Pribyslav ACO

ACO Fond Ukraine

ACO Fond Ukraine is an endowment fund, in the form of an emergency relief fund, that was established based on the decision of the ACO holding in response to current events in Ukraine. The aim is to give ACO employees the opportunity to financially help colleagues in war-torn Ukraine.

Financial donations will be primarily used for:

  • covering the living costs of ACO staff and their family members who have been forced to flee their homes.
  • providing humanitarian aid to ACO staff and their families who have decided to stay in Ukraine but have very limited access to basic food and hygiene needs.
  • helping to rebuild their homes after the end of the war.

Purposes of the relief fund:

The purpose of the fund is to achieve publicly beneficial goals, especially to help those in need.

The fund achieves this purpose by providing endowment contributions and further implementing its own activities aimed at fulfilling this purpose. The main goals of the fund include providing financial, material, humanitarian, legal, professional or educational support for disadvantaged groups or individuals.

For this purpose, the fund is entitled, among other things, to conduct public collections and charity auctions.

  • We are transparent in our activities and handling of financial donations.
  • All endowment contributions are approved by the holding's representatives, the applicants are informed of the result in all cases.
  • We regularly provide a financial audit, the results of which we always publish in full.
  • Every year we publish a complete annual report with detailed information about our activities and management.
  • We carefully select members of administrative and supervisory functions on the basis of their expertise and undeniable moral credit.
  • We have due respect for our donors.

Holding Representatives:
Søren Olsen
Wolfgang Beigl
Jan Císek

Foundation Board:
Jan Císek
Dan Obrtel
Alena Mikuličová
Martin Bouchner (inspector)


ACO Fond Ukraine
Havlíčkova 260
580 01 Přibyslav

Bank details:

Account currency: EUR
IBAN: CZ21 2700 0000 0000 0022 8822

If your banking application supports QR payments:

  1. Please login in your internet banking application
  2. After you are logged in please scan QR code with your phone
  3. Account information of ACO Fond Ukraine will appear automatically
  4. Fill in amount in EUR you want to donate and confirm payment


Please use the bank details for transfers from abroad.

If you would like to get a donation confirmation form for tax purposes please contact Alena Mikuličová via E-Mail:

Representatives of the ACO holding company in cooperation with the Foundation Board and MDs of ACO Kulykiv Igor Savka and ACO Kiev Dmytro Ilyin decide on the use of financial donations in a considerate, transparent manner and based on the real needs of the employees of both Ukrainian companies.

You can find monthly update on the use of donations on this website. In cause of respecting privacy, please understand that we will not mention any names and that recipients will remain anonymous.

Your donations are fully used for humanitarian purposes, there are no administrative costs.

See privacy policy


If you wish to stay up to date, please sing up to our International ACO Fond Ukraine Newsletter below.

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Dear Friends,

On 29th March 2022 ACO established ACO Fond Ukraine in response to current events in Ukraine and huge willingness of ACO people to help their colleagues in our Ukrainian companies in Kulykiv and Kyiv.

This newsletter is to inform you on a regular basis about the condition of the fond, situation in our companies and donations granted from the fond.
We are pleased to inform you that the total amount of your donations on bank accounts is 32 926 Euro at the moment.

Thank you all who have contributed and those who are considering it. Thanks to your support we can start to help where urgently needed.

The foundation Board and representatives of the ACO holding company in close communication with the managing directors of ACO Kulykiv Igor Savka and ACO Kiev Dmytro Ilyin have decided how to use the first donations.

Now and in the following newsletters we will give you an overview about it. In cause of respecting privacy, please understand that we will not mention any names.

First donations were given to one of our colleagues who lost their son in the war. We supported the family with contribution on decent funeral ceremony. Our human resource department from ACO Kulykiv sent us a very emotional text in response to these donations:

„I would like to tell you about our colleague who has been working for us for 4 years. She is a great worker, very beautiful woman and really good person. She has brought up two wonderful sons who were her only reliable support. When the war broke out, her two sons were mobilized at once. On April 13, we received information that one of her sons had died while performing military tasks on the front lines in combat. There are no words to describe her state and feelings... We all grieve together with our colleague. Now we are trying to help and support her in these difficult times, because we are all one family, ACO family, and we also experience the pain and sorrow of her family. A certain amount was collected by Kulykiv employees to help with funeral expenses. Also, thanks to the ACO Fund, thanks to all ACO employees who are donating funds to the ACO Fund, we were able to pay financial assistance to her. Therefore, I thank each of you for the big support during this difficult time. Now our attention is focused on legally helping our colleague to get back her dearest second son. We are working with lawyers and looking for information that would help bring her second son back home. We all believe and hope that we will succeed.“

From Mariana Kaperyz, HR ACO Kulykiv

The second donation payment was sent to the purchase of power banks: On Tuesday, 3rd of May, several power stations were hit in Lviv. This caused huge blackouts and our colleagues were out of engine for a while! Therefore, our Kulykiv colleagues requested power banks for being able to use power while experiencing another unexpected blackout.

This pictures shows one of the first humanitarian support delivery that has been packed and delivered by our colleagues in ACO Přibyslav to help our colleagues in the Ukraine.

ACO Kulykiv production is running. Sometimes interrupted by sirens, but running. As Mariana Kaperyz, HR Manager says: people do not want to give up on their normal lives, usual habits and this attitude and possibility to work help them stay strong.

Here is the strong message to all of us from Igor Savka, Managing Director of ACO Kulykiv.

Play the video

If you wish to stay up to date, please sing up to our International ACO Fond Ukraine Newsletter here.

ACO FOND Ukraine can be supported through this bank account:

Account currency: EUR

IBAN: CZ21 2700 0000 0000 0022 8822


More information about the Fond can be found here:

Our ACO family is big, strong and solidary. A big thank you once again to all of you who have already contributed and we hope that the support will continue to grow.

Best regards,

Jan Cisek, Søren Olsen, Wolfgang Beigl