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Career Pribyslav ACO


Accountant, Accountant department

War. A year of fear, pain, suffering, uncertainty.

I remember the first day of the war and tears in my eyes, because I couldn't understand what was happening, where to run, what to my arms was my little son, who had already become such an adult at the age of 3. My husband quickly decided to take us abroad to a safe place. He said: "Gather everything you need and go." Only the essentials were taken in one small suitcase. We were driving into the unknown, there was a kilometer-long line in front of us at the border. All the people were very scared. Mostly women and children were leaving the country. I don't even remember how we got to the airport. I only remember how my son hugged his father and cried as if he would never see him again.

My husband put us on a plane in Warsaw, and he returned to defend our country. There were thousands of people like us. I remember how the stewardess on the plane sympathized and hugged us, saying: "You are safe, don't worry."

And then...then a number of terrible news from Ukraine, terrible statistics of losses and the number of missiles, painfully bombed native cities, anxious calls from friends. And a constant feeling of anxiety and uncertainty. The reality was so terrible that the head simply refused to accept it. But over time, by some unknown forces, you begin to become stronger in your thoughts and actions, and then you begin a joint movement towards victory, joining volunteer activities and doing everything you can to strengthen the spirit of indomitability, both for yourself and your loved ones. All this is done for the future of our children, so that they never know what war is, but live in their strong and independent state.

This is a year of indomitability, a year of pride, faith in our defenders and our state. We are grateful to everyone who helped and helps us to win. We thank and remember all those who died for our independence.


Production administrator, Production

Almost all of 2022, Ukraine lives in a state of full-scale war, regular air alarms and worries for family and friends. Our behavior and self assessment have changed, but our values have not. Now one thing is needed in life - this is peace and a clear sky above the head. We have become more united and responsive, there are no stranger Ukrainians among us, there are all as relatives who help each other.

We also appreciate and thank our ACO colleagues for their help, who also understand and help us in our daily needs. When the enemy took away our light and warmth, our ACO colleagues came with help and support us, thank you for your sincere help.

We feel the support of the world, we are strong and will stand despite everything!


Development specialist, R&D department

A year of war through my eyes.

I could never have thought that I would speak on such topic as the war in my country. But on February 24, 2022, the president's speech at 5:00 in the morning about the start of the war was like a terrible dream. The sounds of continual air-alarms, panic and chaos all around, queues in all stores and empty shelves, traffic jams are simply endless, everything seems to be on the verge of some sort of collapse. In the first days after the start of the war, I spent all my time with the phone, constantly looked at the news, called my relatives and friends to make sure that everything is okay with them. To be honest, life in Ukraine during the war in 2022 was very hard. Although our city was not in the zone of active hostilities, the atmosphere of general uncertainty and anxiety was always present. However, Lviv also became a victim of the war - many buildings and infrastructure were damaged. Constant rocket attacks and, as a result, power outages. Electricity was often cut off for a long time, which made life quite difficult. But I was grateful to have a place to stay and help people who needed help. In general, I can say that these are difficult times in the life of every Ukrainian, but we must not lose faith in our victory and remain strong.